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Hymalaia restored!

After you have endured about half an hour of tickling, the genie, powerless to help you, looks about to crack.

Suddenly what looks like a white blur leaps onto the witch and rpis her throat out. Through your tearful eyes you raise your head to see a sleek, beautiful wolf standing over the witch's body, her mouth dripping with blood.

"Hymalaia?" you gasp.

"Dorka's fat spell wore off." explains the wolf "The genie's spell was finally able to work.

After the wolf and the genie quickly free you, the genie tells you she is ready to grant your final wish "And I can guess what it is" she says, seeing you look at Hymalaia with love in your eyes.

After you have been transformed into a male white wolf, The genie turns to you "Normally I only do transformation spells, but seeing as you went through a lot for Hymalaia, I will throw in a free one-way transportation to Tibet!" She opens the portal, and before you both pass through it. Thank the genie and say goodbye. Then you and Hymalaia step through to new adventures!

Written by AR Jackson

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