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holy crap

after a quite of bit of running, you and the nine others that made it finnaly reach the elevator. most of the marines and civilians had been killed. after that attack the zombies made, there was another beast to look out for. they had multiple eyes and could project fireballs from the right hand. they and the zombies massacred your forces, you are lucky to have survived. after you stepped on the elevator the last scientist closed the door. the lift came to life and you heard one guy break the silence "what were those things?" he was scared. you can tell by his voice. "I dunno," replied one. "those things nearly killed us," said another. james chimed in "We would be dead if it wasn't for you sir." the other marines, hearing this all nodded in agreement. they all agreed they would be dead without you. the elevator pinged as it stopped. opening to a deserted security checkpiont. you and four others crouch and walk out. the ckeckpiont was dark. all the lights out, two came out with flash lights. you followed the beam of light with your gun. prepared to kill all it illuminated. three zombies eating a fellow soldier. you instinctively shot at them. the others turned and fired. the three went down, joining the one they had eaten. you inched behind the counter and pushed the security override. the room brightened and you saw the doors open. in fell a dead marine. he had died against the locked door. you pulled him in and took his ammo. he wasn't going to need it. you head to the left once through the door. there were a few that had been ripped open. then you heard a transmission "Marine, hurry, bravo has reports of multiple contacts. I dont know how long they can hold out." you hear shooting not far away. the marines with you press forward. you can only follow. as you reach the door that marked bravo was inside the shooting stopped.

Written by unit 52

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