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You wipe the unearthly blood and matter off your helmet, you thank the guy who invented the full-face helmet. you head to the door you decided to not go through. you head in. nothing so far, there's a set of stairs and a left turn in the corridor ahead. you turn and retrieve your weapons. you decide to keep the chainsaw. you turn it off and put it into your backpack. with shotgun drawn, you enter the corridor. nothing, no noise, no movement. you slowly turn the corner. still nothing, you see a smear of blood on the wall. "Oh shit," you think. a zombie lurched around the corner. you shoot at it, the blast goes low and hits the legs. the zombie falls and lets out a moan. it is the lonliest sound you ever heard. one of the guys raises his gun and shoots it in the head.

Written by unit 52

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