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what? where are they?

the door was in bad shape. but the control panel was still running. you hit the "open door" button. with a grinding noise the door opens. and you are horrified. thirty men strewn about the room. still smoknig shell casings litter the floor. bullet riddled corpses everywhere. you take a step into the room and equip your flashlight. the luminous beam moves across the room as you follow it with your handgun. the walls are covered in bullet holes. "sorry to miss the fight." you think to yourself. finnaly your beam falls apon the face of a young marine. he winces at the light and throws up his arms in defense. "p-please don't kill me" he says. one of the marines steps over to him and pulls him to his feet "Report." he says to the terrified man. the soldier is a little shaken, but he manages to tell what went on in the mars base during the invasion. "We were on guard duty for this new project that was being developed in the alpha labs. then, some sort of shockwave passed through the entire base. then some of the personnel started to...change. After I met up with our C.O. We got holeed up in here, waiting for the holo-train to arrive. but the control panel got fried and we were stuck. whe we heard that there was a ship docked we began to move out, but these things attaced us." he then pointed at a dead beast that had been shot with a rocket launcher. he began to say something when a animal-demon cut him in two. you shoot at it and more begin to arrive. then the train pulls into the station and you step on board. you yell "Get on the train!" the men turned and broke into a sprint to get on the train. you aim and shoot one of the creatures as it leaped at one marine. the men ri=ush into the ar and the door begins to close. one creature stuck it's claw into the closing door and it got stuck. you shoot the arm and rip it off so the door can seal. it locks in place with a reassuring "click" then, the train begins to be recalled. apparently someone else is alive. and thanks to them, you are too

Written by unit 52

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