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Troggie and you hide

" Thankyou Troggie," you say. " Shush," Troggie says. The troll that was tripped got up and looked for us. We were nowhere to be found. " We have to get going or Morgana will have our heads," one of the trolls say. Then the three trolls left. " Wow," you say. " Are you alright?" Troggie askes. " Yes and no ubt I am alright," you say," I can't walk because my legs are crushed." " Maybe there is a spell for something like this," Troggie says," I mean since there is a spell to shrink things, there has to be a back up spell." " Yeah," you say. Troggie desides to continue on to find Morgana's room. Troggie still is holding on to you. " Look there is her room," Troggie says. Troggie and you walk into the room. Troggie finds the spell book. " Ahh look the spell to heal my legs is right on the top," you say. " Good," Troggie says. Troggie puts you down on the book and you begin to read the spell. Then you say it. Before you know it your legs are back to normal. " Thank god," you say. " Look there is the reverse spell to make you bigger," Troggie says. You walk over to it and read it. Nothing happens. You try it again. Nothing yet. You go over to the healing spell and read all of it. " Oh no," you say," when this spell is used by a person, that person may use it as much as they want but they can not grow back to the regular the person was." " I guess you are stuck at that size," Troggie says. You and Troggie hear a door open and both of you tense up when you two saw who it was.

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