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Oh No

'Oh no,' you think. You and Troggie she Morgana come through the door. Troggie turns and stands straight up. " What do you think you are doing here?" Morgana yelled. " Umm....," Troggie is lost for words. " Oh and I see that that pest is still here," Morgana said. " Umm...I can explain," Troggie said. " I completly know what is going on here, I gave you one last chance to straighten up and disobeyed me again," Morgana said. " Oh no," you say. Morgana looks straight at you. You feel uneasy when she shot you a look. " Troggie, you are going to eat that pest and i will stand here to make sure you do it," Morgana said. " No, please no," Troggie said. " Now!" she yelled. You try to run when you see Troggie's hand coming towards you. You don't even look to see where you were running untill it was too late. You ran right off the table. Luckly you land on some old newspapers. You get up and start running. You glance back and are stomped down opon a giant green foot. You try to get free but can't. Troggie's hand comes down and rips you off of his foot. Troggie tilts his head up and you are now hovering over his mouth. For a second nothing happened. " Do it now!" Morgana yelled. Then Troggie released you and go down into his mouth. Troggie swallows you whole. You fall a lond distance until you hit the bottom of what you think is his stumic. You feel a burning on your lower legs and gasp at what you see.

Written by an anonymous author

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