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You have an idea

" We have got to stop Morgana," you say. " I agree," Troggie says. Then you and Troggie hear trolls coming down the hall. They come into the room. Troggie turns fast and you fall off of his hand towards the ground. You hit the ground with a hard thunk. " What are you doing here?" Troggie askes in a evil voice. " We are just checking the dungen for intruders," one troll replied. One walked around Troggie and then stands right by you. Another troll stands by the other troll. You look up to see the troll coming. You try to move but you can't. The troll gets closer and closer and then pain erupts all over your body. " Well, off to the other rooms," one troll says. The troll leaves but Troggie stays. Troggie calls for you. " Hey where are you?" Troggie says out loud. Troggie looked at the trolls exiting the door and sees you stuck to his foot. " Help Troggie!" you yell. Every step the troll takes pain erupts all over your body. You bearly hang on for life. Troggie runs after them. Troggie grabes for the one trolls foot you are stuck on and trips the troll. The troll hits the ground hard. Troggie scapes you off of the trolls foot and holds onto you in his big hand.

Written by an anonymous author

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