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Your new life in the Order of the Flame

"Charaga, my name is Dryynnekl if you will please follow me." the dragon beckons to you. You follow him closely after hearing your new name.

Of course, this doesn't sound like a new name for you. Instead, you know now that you are and have always been Charaga, a young blue water dragon that was born 525 years ago (dragons can live for 100,000 human years and more) in the Pacific Ocean near the islands of Hawai'i. You always wished to be in the Order of the Flame ever since your 364th birthday and you dedicated yourself for the past 161 years proving yourself worthy to the maters of the Order. You learned the powers of fire and earth and you already knew the powers of water, ice, and snow. Your Phryta (Mother in the human language) and your Hainryu (Father), 26,780 and 27,943 human years respectively (dragons of the modern era use human time and measurements these days) always were proud of your dedication. (If you had your human mind still, this information would have been mind-boggling, but you have no memory of your human existence at all)

Now the day had come and you were finally a part of the greatest dragon order to have ever existed. You could finally be in the same order as T'ranlith the Wise, Beruun the Fierce, and the legendary hydra Ceryyn'el the Great. You follow Dryynnekl down the corridor.

Written by eddiehaskell

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