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the order of the flame

You walk down a long corridor which ends in a circular room with a stone pillar in the middle which seems to be some kind of strange object, the room is very large and the pillar is right in the middle. You walk over to the object and inspect it , and start to laugh, it is a fake dragons claw set of four, each look astoundingly real and is like a glove, the creatures must have been men in costumes.

You chuckle and put one of the front claws on your hand, it feels rubbery inside , like a glove , you chuckle even harder. You decide to wear all four for comedic purposes . you can easily tell which are meant for the front and which for the back and you put them on, this must be some kind of TV show you think Grinning, but you stop immediately as you realise that they are stuck.

You desperately try to remove them but to no avail , another dragon stalks his way from a dark corner of the room chuckling to himself, “you wont get them off” he roars “they are your feet now” he then holds out a small patch of scales in his left claw, you take them confused, and as you are about to speak he says “just place them on the back of your neck and you will become one of us” horrified you throw them at him and back off (now on four legs) , he laughs again, “if you want to stay like that fine by me, human bodies aren’t much good without hands, and I don’t even miss those” you realise what he says is true, and as he beckons you toward him you obediently slump forwards , “see , that wasn’t so hard was it” he says, you shake your head and reluctantly bend forward and allow him to place the scales on the back of your neck. First they head down your spine and all over your torso, and they then spread around your anal and grow in to a long powerful tail , they speed down to join with the scales on your feet (now with tree toes apiece) before covering your head and expanding your nose into a long reptilian muzzle, horns grow out the back of your head ,tiny spikes protrude trough your back down your spine and tail, you gain large claws on your feet , and finally you grow two enormous and powerful bat like wings from where your shoulders used to be. Your mind then begins to change, as your senses heighten and reptilian instincts settle in you lose some of the memories of your former self, and after fighting for a few seconds, just let go of your human mind. The other dragon welcomes you in your new language (which you now understand) “welcome to the order of the flame young dragon, I can tell that with training you will be a valuable asset to the order, we shall name you Charaga, now, come, let me show you to your cave

Written by mitchell"dragon"mellard

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