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Getting set up in the Order

Dryynnekl takes you down several different types of corridors. Some were made of stone, others of various vegetation, while other were of many different elements, including several water types to your delight. Eventually, you are led to a large courtroom where many varieties of dragons, green, red, blue (whom you notice take great interest in you), hydras, wyverns, and even a few humans are gathered around you. You look up to see a large golden dragon laying in front of you, it is the leader!

"Young Paderim (water dragon (my parts to this story will intoduce a crapload of words in the dragon language (yes, I do make up the words as I go along!))) it has come to my attention that you wish to join the Order of the Flame."

"Yes, Syonagi (Great Leader). I have wished to join since the days of my infancy. Ever since the 364th anniversary of my hatching I have desired to join the ranks of the great many before me."

"Well, young Paderim, I see no reason to leave you behind in our clan. I officially welcome you to the Order of the Flame. Servants, please take our new Razil (Apprentice/Member) to his quarters." The humans promplty escort you to your new home and your new life amid the cheering and yells of the congregation above you.

Written by eddiehaskell

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