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100,000 books on the walls, 100,000 books...

... You begin heading for the opposite end of the library from the direction you entered after your brief delay at the center of the Library. Jessie's predicament is worrying you a lot, you need to find a way to free her from the witch's spell no matter what, but for now, you need to get out of this castle and into the surrounding forest so that you can hide and figure out what to do with your Kitsune self and girlfriend.

Shadows dance in the flickering candle light emanating from the candle hung in-between bookshelves, as you tread down the aisle of books. (That's got 'Fire Hazard' written all over it) you muse to yourself as your continue on. You read the titles of the books as you pass them, none of which sound even remotely interesting, although, the farther in you go, the more similar the books get until they all look exactly the same. A green, hard-back, untitled, copy of a book. You just now that something bad is going to happen when you get an uneasy feeling from being near the books. Glancing occasionally at the blank, green spines of the books, you walk on towards (what you hope is) you and Jessie's freedom.

A scratching noise gets your attention as you stare at where you're sure the noise was produced, the bookcase next to you, waiting for something, anything to happen. A book slide itself out of the bookcase slowly, until it hits the floor in a heap. Just before you pick it up it grows teeth and spins around to bite you in the hand.

"Ow!" you say pulling your finger back, staring at the carnivore book. You're about to try clamping the book shut so that you can get a good look at it when you hear a loud thud from the bookcase over, and another, and another, and a few more books hit the ground from the bookcase you've been following for the last fifteen minutes. They all look the same; the green, hard-backed, untitled books are falling to the floor and growing teeth. You start to run making sure that you have a good grip on Jessie, when a book goes flying past you barely missing your shoulder. "FLYING!?" you think to yourself as you spin around to see a thick swarm of the green books flying overhead, ready to dive in on you.

You spin around on your heels and start building up speed gradually so that you don't burn yourself out too quickly. Dodging the book's attacks is getting hard with Jessie over your shoulder but it's not like you can just leave her here, so you press on hoping you can get to the other door before these books tear you apart. Your tails are really helping out right now, letting you get a good balance with Jessie's extra weight. You look behind you to see a good portion of the swarm attacking you all at once! Figuring your only way of dodging something that massive would be to get to the next bookcase over, so you jump onto the shelf next to you and start climbing.

You make it over into the neighboring aisle just as the books reach you. You hear loud thuds and screeching as some of the books ram into the bookcase you're hiding behind. Unfortunately the books end up causing the bookshelf to tilt and fall over. You quickly jump out of the way with Jessie before the shelf smashes you both. You take advantage of the time it takes the books to regroup by getting your adrenaline pumping again as you race for the door on the other end of the room.

After dodging some more books as they swoop down on you, you notice a tall, steel door coming up to you at the end of the aisle you're on. You can't believe that you've run for so long with Jessie on your shoulder. Thanking the power of adrenaline you start a sprint towards the door, running at top speed. You get to the door, slamming yourself into the wall shoulder-first in order to stop, and run into the room before slamming the door shut and locking it firmly. As soon as the latch hits, you are thrown back as the books collide with the door making dents in it. Their loud screeching causes you to hold your ears as shut as you can until you hear it die off slowly letting you know that the books have given up on a dinner tonight.

Heaving out a long sigh, you take a good look at the room that you're now in...

Written by Felix Fox

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