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I don't think I've read that one... or that one... or...

a library. This room is HUGE (even that's an understatement), The ceiling stretches into the darkness above while bookshelf after bookshelf continues deeper into the room beyond your current line of vision. Whomever previously owned this place must've liked reading a 'bit' too much, you doubt he (or she) would have had time to read them all even if they read nonstop from birth to death. You decide you don't have time to look for anything that might be interesting, and start your trek across the immense floor of the library.

"I've been walking through this place for HOURS!" you yell to no one in particular. You know it hasn't REALLY been hours maybe one... but after walking for such a long time surrounded by books, time seems to slow down. You are getting really bored of this though, "If only there were something other than-" you can't finish that thought as you find yourself staring in awe at the scene before you.

The bookcase you had been following ends (finally) along with all of the others here, in the middle of the library. Beautiful pictures are drawn upon the floor and ceiling depicting angels and the heavens.

"ugh," your head snaps down to look at Jessie, who you've been holding in your arms. She's stirring a little bit. "Who," she looks up at with her eyes half closed "Who," Her eyes snap open as she gets a good look at you. "Stay away! Stay away you monster!" she screams staring wide-eyed at you. She jumps from your arms and huddles up against a bookshelf, getting as small as possible.

"Jessie, calm down! That witch will find us if you keep yelling!" you start as a scream but lower your voice, catching yourself. It's obvious that she doesn't remember being transformed into a Kitsune or anything else up until now.

"How did you know my name!" She yells "and, about... the witch," she finishes lowering her voice. You can tell she hasn't noticed what's happened to her, but you know it's inevitable so you'll just let her discover it on her own, which she gets done pretty quickly. "Oh my god," she says in a barely audible whisper as she glimpses her own arm, you know you never would've heard her without your new ears. Instead of screaming and yelling and running around in shock and surprise of being a Kitsune, YOU get the surprise when all she does is softly and quietly cry to herself. You start walking towards her ready to comfort her, when she looks up at you, the look on her face is indescribable, the best way to put it is pissed, really, really, pissed. "YOU!" she practically roars at you. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME!?" she bellows then she starts asking questions and insulting you so fast you can't even understand her.

"STOP!" you yell so loud even Jessie, caught in her mindless rage, shuts up for a moment. She's just about to start yelling at you some more before you start talking. "Jessie! It's me, Jim!" you say quickly before she can start yelling at you again.

"Liar!" She yells showing off her pointy teeth. Realization washes over her face that instant, "Wait, that witch...SHE DID THIS TO ME DIDN'T SHE?" She screams, once again showing off her pearly whites. "I remember her! I could've sworn that was a dream though!"

"Well, you have more than enough proof that it wasn't, don't you?" you say to her, holding up your three tails for emphasis. "If you can at least TRY, to calm down we can try and find a solution to this problem," you tell her, calming yourself down as you say it.

"I still don't believe you're Jimmy though," she tells you taking a deep breath, you can't really blame her though, maybe you can get her to believe later, but for now, you're just happy that you can see her again. Then you remember the spell that that old hag of a witch has on your girlfriend. You know you need to tell her so, what better time than now?

"Jessie," you begin "there's something you need to know. The witch did more than transform you." you tell her, going silent as you wait for a response.

Jessie's eyes grow wide with fear, "what, what else did she do to me?" she pleads, begging you to tell her (not that you weren't).

"she has some kind of mind-control spell cast on you, you're only aware of what's going on right now because you're too far away from her for the spell to work, if she gets too close you'll probably be knocked unconscious again by the spell," you catch your breath so that you can finish, "we need to get out of this castle soon, before she finds us again." you finish and look to her for a response to your story. She opens her mouth to speak, but just before she can say a word her eyes glaze over and her head limps down. You already know that the old hag either knows where you are and is coming for you, or is just nearby searching. Either way you haul Jessie over your shoulder as you start jogging off towards the other end of the library, looking for the exit...

Written by Felix Fox

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