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You grab your girlfriend's arms and rush out of the room so suddenly everyone in the room (including yourself) is caught by surprise. As you move through the corridors your brain catches up with what just happened. You don't have a plan, but you couldn't just leave Jessie behind like that.

You notice that all the corridors look amazingly similar as you follow them to anywhere but where you just were. Hallway after hallway flash by as you race through them, craning your neck so as to search as far as you can for a door or any place to hide.

After running for what feels like forever and still having the misfortune of being in the absence of any sort of room whatsoever, you figure you're far enough away from the witch for now. You try to stop and end up falling forward on your face, dragging Jessie down with you. Normally stopping like that would've stopped you instantly, if you were human, but, it seems that Kitsune are much better made for running than the average person (not surprisingly). You haul yourself of the floor and dust off your fur shuddering at the feel, the full force of the decision you had just made hitting you all at once.

Just before you break down in the hallway and have yourself the longest cry of your life you realize worrying about that now is just going to give the witch a much easier time of finding the two of you, so you shove thoughts like that to the back of your mind so you can worry about them later, right now getting away from that witch is the most important thing for you to accomplish.

You turn around and help Jessie to her feet, she doesn't help which just agitates you until you get a good look at her. Jessie's eyes have a glazed, unfocused look to them, as if her mind is hibernating or something. "She must be waiting for another order from the witch," you guess as best you can. She's completely limp so you set her down in a sitting position against the wall and join her so that you can formulate the best plan you can. You figure now that you have the time, you might as well look yourself over.

Your fur is the first thing you notice, (the chances are just as equal you wouldn't notice your fur until AFTER you looked at the bottom of your paws.) it's orange with a bit of yellow tossed in, you've got a milky white underbelly and muzzle, plus your ear and tailtips end in a deep black. You move down your body to your waist and legs, noticing that the transformation has left you with a pair of plantigrade feet. "So that's why I didn't have any trouble running," you realize. A sqeaking noise above you tears your attention away from your body and moves it to the ceiling... which you can't see. You don't hear the noise again, so you calm yourself and settle back down to begin working on a plan of escape.

An hour of planning later the only idea you can come up with is to get out of the castle with Jessie, you figure you can finish your 'master plan' once you've escaped. Jessie still hasn't come out of her trance. You deduce that she must be too far away from the witch to receive any orders sooo, you basically have a dead weight to carry around until she wakes up. You pick up the love of your life and begin walking down the halls, wanting to make sure you save your energy so that you can run long and hard away from anyone (or anything) that might give you trouble.

You found a window about an hour ago and now know that you are about on the fifth or sixth floor. Right now you are out of breath from carrying your girlfriend. She is lighter now that she's become a Kitsune, but carrying just about ANYTHING as heavy as a person for an hour and a half will wear anyone out. At least until they find a door that is. You rush over to the door, your girlfriend feeling light as a feather, and open it up not giving it a second look. Things are starting to go your way, for as the door opens up, a spiral staircase leading down makes it's presence known.

The stairs wind down... and down... you start feeling your girlfriend's weight once again by the time you reach the bottom of the staircase. The bottom has another wooden door similar to the one upstairs, which you enter quickly to find yourself in...

Written by Felix Fox

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