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Is it something I said?

... which would be the kitchen. This room is HUGE, (aren't they all?) at least you can see the ceiling in here, even if just barely. The wall is lined with wooden cupboards, most likely full of cans of fruit and veggies. Ovens are spread throughout the room; pans hanging above them on hooks. A growling from your stomach confirms that you are hungry, "should've stopped at that restaurant on the way here" you think to yourself, even though you didn't think you would be here so long, hell, you didn't think a lot that has happened today would've. Anyway, you figure after you eat stocking up wouldn't be a bad idea, who knows how long you could be trapped in this castle, completely lost.

After about half an hour of scouring the whole place, (I mentioned this room was huge right?) you have produced a large sack full to bursting with food. You have one last look around the kitchen to make sure you aren't forgetting anything before you leave, knowing the chances of finding another room with food in it to be slim. Picking up the bag and hanging it over your shoulder, you are about to pick up your girlfriend when you hear a loud crash behind you.

You drop the bag of food as you spin around on your heels, scanning the room quickly for whoever (or whatever) made the noise. You walk over to the source of the noise and see that the crash was by a bunch of pots and pans hitting the floor, which are now scattered about, one pot in particular is far away from the pile of others. It must have been knocked away by whatever knocked the pots over when it escaped. Following the direction the pot was moved, (and with the help of a shaking cupboard door), you find that the culprit ran and hid in a cupboard under one of the ovens.

You slowly start to open the door when whatever is inside kicks it open as hard as it can, hitting you in the face with the cupboard and knocking you back onto your rear end. You stagger up onto your feet and look at the cupboard. Your attacker is gone and the cupboard door is wide open, you reach up to your forehead and end up with blood on your finger, the wound is small and will probably heal soon. You hear some crying and turn to see a little girl, looking about eight years of age...and holding a gun to the side of Jessie's head.

"Whoa, calm down little girl!" you say trying to calm her down at least a little.

"S-Stay back you monster!" she screams, jamming the gun against Jessie's head a little harder. "You aren't going to make me a monster too!" she adds.

"Look I'm not going to hurt you, just PLEASE, out the gun down." you say slowly, "look at me," you think to yourself, "pleading with little girls," you almost smile in spite of yourself... almost.

"Sta-Stay, awa," she blurts out before breaking down in tears on her knees. The gun makes a dull clank noise when it hits the ground. You slowly walk over to her and pick up the gun, giving it a good look over. It's really old, more of a prop than anything. You open the chamber to find that the damn thing is empty. She was holding your girlfriend up with a useless gun; she had you scared to death. You walk over to the girl and put a hand on her shoulder to try and get her to quit sobbing, but all she does is knock your hand away and hold you at gunpoint, or she would've if she had the gun. Realizing that she's lost her only means of self defense, she gets up and runs off behind another oven.

You make sure that Jessie is ok again before walking over to the oven and leaning over it to see the girl covering her face in her arms, crying again. She looks up at you and backs up against the wall staring at you with her eyes wide open in fear.

"Keep away from me!" She screams again huddling against the wall, making herself as small as possible.

"Hey, calm down I'm not going to hurt you, see?" you say, giving her your kindest smile, being careful about showing your teeth off. She seems to calm down a little, so you slowly offer her your hand. She slowly gets up on her own, staying far away from you, and walks to the door keeping her eyes on you the whole time. As she gets to the door, she unlocks the door and slowly walks out into the library.

"Wait!" you holler to her, surprisingly she actually turns around and looks back at you waiting for whatever you were going to say.

"You need to come back in here, those books are deadly," you tell her walking up to her.

"What do you mean?" she asks, she apparently isn't nearly as scared of you as she was before. You begin explaining what happened to you after you entered the castle. She follows with extreme interest, until about half way through, you hear loud thuds echoing throughout the library. You grab for the girl's hands, realizing the mistake you've made. She pulls her arm away, and begins running further into the library, where those demonic books are. You start off sprinting after her into the library...

Written by Felix Fox

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