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You turn to see yellow eyes that gleam like molten gold in the darkness. The creature is powerfully built, and covered head to toe in golden fur. Powerful and sharp claws rest upon the tips of his fingers, and look like they could sever the head of a man like a hot knife through butter.

You recognise the creature as a werewolf, much like you are now. You remember that wolves are territorial creatures, but you're not sure if werewolves are the same way. Best not to take that chance, you decide. You turn and start to waddle away quickly, only to run into another, this one artic white with silver eyes. As you look for more escape routes, you realise you are surrounded on all sides by werewolves of all colors and sizes.

You have the feeling you should have taken your chances with the witch. Even if you weren't the most out of shape creature on the planet just now, you know you wouldn't be able to take on an army of werewolves.

Just then, an older-looking werewolf, his fur streaked with aged gray, steps forward and says ...

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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