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Dark and scary forest

You open the door and begin to push yourself through. Halfway through, you stick, your massive hips wedging you in place, but with a little time and effort, (not to mention almost breaking the wall down), you pop free. You find yourself outside ... you seem to have stumbled upon the back door to the castle! If you hurry, you could probably catch a plane back home by nightfall.

Then you look up and realise, it's already nightfall. Looking out into the darkness, you can make out many trees, and what seems to be a path leading deeper into the woods. You consider your options; walk through a dark and creepy forest, or stay here and probably be turned into clam chowder by that witch.

With that thought, you start to waddle down the path.

I'm just not used to this country living, you think as you cringe at all the sounds of the wild at night. You feel like eyes are watching you in the darkness, and you can hear owls hooting, hidden in the branches of the trees. And the sudden and very frequent howling of wolves doesn't help at all! Suddenly you realise you're not alone. As you turn, you see ...

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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