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Say What!?

"He has come, the wolf of the Full Moon has come." Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by hundreds of werewolves, bowing to you! You are in shock ... what kind of tribe would worship a huge tub of lard? Suddenly, you reconsider; this is definitely better then being ripped to shreds, so you might as well go along with it. Suddenly, you are hoisted up into a makeshift throne carried by many strong werewolves, while many attractive females adorn you with flowers.

They carry you deep into the forest, where you arrive at what appears to be a temple. They carry you inside, where a very large throne sits in the center, and they help you down onto it. Then the old one speaks once more. "Oh chosen one, your coming was foretold long ago." As he speaks, he indicates what appear to be some sort of glyphs on the wall. They are very old, ancient, and many pictures are featured around them. They show a very obese wolf sitting on a throne, with many deer and such that seem to symbolize the comeing of plenty. Somehow, you seem to have been mistaken for some sort of good luck spirit or something. "A feast will be held in your honor, O chosen one." You feel sort of excited ... your luck seems to have turned around one-hundred percent.

As the feast is prepared, you are taken to a warm pool of water, where many female werewolves bathe you, anointing you with sweet-smelling perfumes and flowers. This is the life, you think. Feeling very clean and godly, you are carried to the feast. Werewolves dance by starlight, and instruments are played, and all the while you are served by the many servants. They bring you roasted pork, finely cooked venison, spiced cider, seasoned beef and turkey, and anything else your heart desires. The entire tribe feasts in your honor, and as your first bowl of wine is served, you think you may have discovered a paradise ...

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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