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Tail + Wolf = Big Ouchie!

As the wolf gets closer and closer, you somehow manage to stand. As you scramble to your feet, though, you fumble slightly and spin around, causing your tail and the wolf's head to collide with a resounding smack!.

Omce you're steady on your feet, you turn yourself around and look at the wolf. From his growls and snarls (to say nothing of the blood coming from a thin line along his forehead), he's more than a little angry with you. As he lunges toward you, you panic a little ... he may be smaller than you, but you're stuck, and he isn't.

Frantically, you turn yourself around again and whip him in the chest with your tail, then in his stomach. Your tail acts like a whip, each swipe producing a small crack as it flies through the air. Finally, just as he leaps for you, you strike him in the head again. Striking the wall with a thud, the menacing predator slides slowly to the stone floor, a small line of blood appearing where you whipped him, accompanying the smear of blood that trails down the wall behind him. You worry for a moment that you hit him too hard ... but no, he's just unconscious, his chest rising and falling as you watch.

"Sooooo ... now what?" You think to yourself as you look around, still not able to move much.

Written by Rakeesh (edited by wanderer)

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