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A More Natural Environment

You begin to feel a bit claustrophobic. The castle walls are very confining to a creature of your mass. And is it just your imagination, or is it getting harder and harder for you to breathe? “Maybe I should step outside for a minute,” you think. “Yeah, that’s it. Outside. I just need a little fresh air. Then I’ll start searching again.” With a rising sense of uneasiness, you begin looking for a way out.

Finding an exit, however, proves to be more difficult than you had expected. Time and again you end up at a door or hallway too small for you to enter, and you are forced to retrace your steps and start over. All the while a growing sense of fear and panic is welling up inside you. After wandering in circles for nearly an hour, you end up back where you started.

“This is ridiculous!” you mutter out loud, a snort of frustration issuing from your bovine nostrils. “Someone like me doesn’t belong in a castle. I should be outside, in a nice green country meadow.”

The words are barely out of your mouth when you notice that the room is becoming lighter. Twisting your head upward, you stare up at the stone ceiling, only to see it dissolving like a mist, revealing a bright blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds.

You sense a rustling beneath your hooves. Looking down, you see green grass and wildflowers emerging from the castle’s cold stone floor. Within seconds they have carpeted the hallway as far as the eye can see.

Now the walls themselves are vanishing, evaporating like smoke and drifting away in a warm gentle breeze. Where a dark and imposing castle once stood is “a nice green country meadow.” Turning around slowly, you see gently rolling hills covered with fresh green grass. In the distance, herds of cows graze contentedly near a rustic barn and farmhouse.

Your wish (it appears) has been granted.

Written by Funny Animal

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