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“There you are!” a familiar voice squeaks behind you. The hallway is just big enough for you to spin around to see who it is. It’s Jessie, your girlfriend-turned-kitsune! For a split second, you stare at each other in stunned silence. Then she rushes forward and embraces you, her delicate arms reaching less than halfway around your absurdly thick neck.

“Oh!” Jessie weeps. “I was afraid something like this might happen. The witch’s spells...”

“...tend to backfire,” you finish for her. “I know. The question is, can we undo the spell she cast on me... and on the rest of you, too?”

The kitsune pulls away from you and stares at the floor for a moment. When she looks back at you, her eyes are wide and apologetic.

“Please try to understand,” she says in a low voice. “The fact is, I rather like being a kitsune. But you... You never wanted to be an overgrown beefsteak, did you?”

“Actually,” you smile, “I always wanted to be as strong as an ox.” You flex your immense bovine muscles for emphasis. “But,” you continue, “I can’t be a photographer if I’m the size of a dumpster and lack opposable thumbs, can I?”

Jessie laughs quietly at your joke. “You’re right, of course,” she grins. “All right, then. There is a way to break the spell... but it’s very dangerous!”

Written by Funny Animal

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