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She like her wolfs big

The Dragon looked at the wolf and seeing him on the floor, then to the stone throne, Thinking he was uncomfortible in it, she placed some of the silk cloth taken from the village and piled it in and on the ground and made a rather large nest of it. Like a bed for you. Her claws slowly traced over your bulky sides before picking you up and setting you back on your large round cushioned rump in to the nest. Her tail slowly wrapped around behind your back and held you in a sitting position. That ever so soft belly spilled over your legs and pressed them open wide. Planting you on the spot. You couldn't help but mur softly as her taloned claws rubbed in to your huge tummy. It suddenly growls and gurgles under her claws.

Her claws slowly pulled away only to return holding the large dish of now room tempature and highly seasoned meat. It looked cooked enough to be edible and nearly as much on that plate as there is of you sitting there. Her claws picked up a size able chunk and brought it to your muzzle, even though you struggled and clinched your muzzle she tried, after hearing a whimper from you she sighed "Why are you fighting me" her eyes suddenly looked sullen and sad. Feelings crushed by your restistance.

You spoke softly and your fat paws rubbed the meat from your muzzle and chins "I don't wanna be eaten, I have been tricked by those werewolves!" She Blinked at that "You didn't know you were to be my pet? But look at you, You've accepted the feasts and free make over." you blinked at that 'make over' she says. You've been bellybound wolfer. She continued "And i don't eat my pets, i snuggle them.. it gets quite lonely here. Will you eat something? A belly that size needs to be filled, expecially when its growling."

Written by Rovest Yakuto

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