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A pet's life

Trying to squirm your way out of the throne, you realize that you really should have laid off the food intake. As you watch, the dragoness is in another part of the cave, humming to herself. Pushing with all your might, you finally pop free... only to 'plop' down to the ground on your heavy stomach. Your center of gravity causes you to roll forward until your hind legs hang in the air, with your face smothered in the ground. Clawing with your arms, you try to pull yourself forward, but find yourself hardly moving an inch! The dragoness then comes forward, carrying a dragon-sized dish and placing it in front of you. It is full of what looks like meat, or dog food. You've got to be kidding, you think, as the dragoness picks you up again and begins stroking your fat back.

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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