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My story

Your name is tom and u are in collage and having troble staying fit u tell your self no more junk food then u go to get help for math and your professor mrs lire is in a hurry u say can u help me with chapter 3 she says not right come to my house at 5 and I'll help u so 3 hours later your at her house and u are greeted with a wonderful smell of spaghetti she says sit down ill help u in a min a few mins later she comes out with a plate full of spaghetti for u u try to say no but u can't u dig in eating and eating as. She keeps bringing more and more out your shirt is now sitting on top of your belly and your belly is out onto your thighs eventually she says I'm out of spaghetti now but I have 20 or so gallons of ice cream u just nod your head realizing that she ate some as well her bell looks 5 months pregnant now she brings out gallons of ice cream at a time and u eat and eat your belly growing bigger and bigger u unboton your pants and your belly lets loose and the giant orb falls out into your lap then through the rest of the night u ate all of her food she helped she looks 9 months pregnant with twins u can't help the urge u pull her to u and pull her panties down and put your 7 inch dick into her pyssy

Written by an anonymous author

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