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You had an idea this would happen, didn't you?

You stare at the quivering fellow for a moment. Well, if you could make him tie his legs up and then get his arms tangled up in something, he would probably be hobbled enough for you to finish tieing him up. But what should he use to do that?

You realize the obvious.

"Ok, bud," you say in a serious attempt at a menacing growl, "Put that dress there over your legs."

"But- that's weird! Anyway it won't fit," he whines.

"I'm not trying to get you to model it, you dolt, I want you to use it to tie your legs up. Slip it on, and cinch it tight over your knees. And while we're at it, once that's done, take that blouse there and stuff your arms in it."

He doesn't look happy, but it's more of a resigned unhappy look than an angry-going-to-fight-back look. Sure enough, the lacey little dress barely makes it to his mid thigh. He obligingly then tightens it up, grabs the blouse and shoves his arms in that. He shows you that he can barely wiggle his arms.

"Aw, you're cute," you coo, rubbing it in. "Ok, geek boy, turn around," and as he does, you grab a big pink sash from the pile and tie it around him, cinching his arms down. You step back a bit, surveying your work.

"Needs that something," you say, and grab the little straw hat laying nearby. You put it on his head. "There. Ready for Sunday school! Now, let's talk."

You sit down across from the hogtied fellow, pull out your notepad and cross your legs. "Ok, for starters, what's the deal with the curse on this place and how can it be lifted? I mean, I found this outfit, and now I look like this girl. I kinda want my old self back, you know."

He coughs a bit "Well, we were investigating that particular paranormal phenomena. Truthfully, we don't know much about it. Like I said before, the souls of previous inhabitants have imprinted themselves on their personal items like clothes, so if you get in close....ooooooooooooh....." His explanation trails off into a squeaky moan.

"Hey you, ok? I do want to hear the rest of this- I'm not letting you go until you explain everything."

"ooooooh, I am SO stupid- where did you, aaah, get these clothes?"

"Uh, from this room. Where the hell else would I get them?"

"Then they're probably cursed, damn you!" The last bit turns into a squeak, and as you watch, he suddenly shrinks a bit, and the clothing shifts around. The blouse pulls itself over his head, and the pinafore pulls itself up. As he continues his high pitched squeal, you see his form blur like an out of focus camera shot. The blurring suddenly stops.

There is a twelve-ish little girl in a victorian outfit in front of you. Blue eyes, blonde hair in big ringlets, and a rather upset look on her face. Her lower lip trembles.

"You, you KNEW that was a cursed outfit!" she squeaks, stamping her foot.

"Well, I wasn't totally sure," you admit. "But thanks for settling that for me. Look, live with it for now. Once you've told me all I need to know, we'll see about lifting the curse on you. By the way, sweetie, how DO you do that."

She crosses her arms petulantly.

"We were researchers. That means we were researching"

"Which means you don't know?"

"NO!" She starts to cry.

What a loser, you think again.

Written by Oberon

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