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It awakens...

Both of you collapse to your knees, terrified and upset, afraid that you will never be restored to your old selves.

It is then you notice that the ground is shaking. You move back, and as the shaking intensifies, the center of the floor falls away. The shaking stops all of a sudden and a human-sized black dragon flies out of the hole and lands before you.

Wait...the dragon isn't black...it just looks that way. The dragon's skin is red, but it is covered in a black armor. It stands at about 6 feet high at the head, and with every breath it exhales a small flame.

Then, to both your and the nerd's surprise, the dragon speaks. It has a deep, grating voice, yet is strangely calm. "Thank you for releasing me," says the dragon. "Allow me to explain. I am Ruthak, the Armored Dragon. I am the one who imprinted the people's souls on the clothing long ago. I was slain by a rogue knight immediately afterward, but now I have returned, thanks to you. You see, when you put on those clothes, you were transformed. This transformation released the energy of your old body, replacing it with that stored in the clothing.

"The energy released went to feed me, in my slain state. The first transformation-yours-reawakened my soul. The second-that nerd's-restored my body. I just need one more person to be transformed so I can get my dragonic powers back. Then, as a sign of gratitude, I will be able to use my Dragon's Magic to shapeshift all three of you back to your old bodies. I'd do it myself, but most people just run screaming at the sight of a dragon, so I'd never get the clothes on them. Right now, I am your only option if you want to return to normal. You need my help to return to normal and I need your help to get my powers back. What do you say, human?"

You look at the nerd, who passed out the instant Ruthak started speaking, then back to Ruthak. He seems sincere, and he doesn't have that air of evil about him that dragons are said to have, and his small size certainly makes him less intimidating. You are not so much frightened of Ruthak as you are nervous about his proposal. You can return to normal, but you'd have to find and transform another person with the cursed clothes.

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