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Uh, tie yourself up? How does one do that?

"Ok, nerdo. One false move and it's woodchopping time! I mean it. Sheesh, I should chop you just for trying to kiss me-" You shudder a bit, trying to conceal the fact that you're actually a little afraid of him. Nerd or not, he's got a good 6 or so inches on you, and your arms are really tired from holding the big ax over your head.

"Well, you are cute," he says defensively. "I don't have much experience with girls, really." And, you think, you don't have much experience with BEING a girl, but you ain't going to tell geek face that. Way too humiliating.

"Shut up!" you snap. "I need you to tie yourself."

"Huh? How?"

Good question. Hmmm....speaking of humiliation, maybe there's a way to hobble him a bit without tieing him up exactly.

Written by Oberon

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