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Solid As A Rock

Summoning up your reserves of strength, you force yourself against the stonework. You feel your muscles expand yet again, and squeal shrilly in pain as the space seems to shrink, crushing you. It's like being in an iron maiden. Animal panic washes through you, and you press again ... and again ...

But nothing. Nothing is giving. You try to bellow your pain and frustration, but all you manage is a gasping wheeze. Your ribs are being crushed against the walls! You're going to die very quickly.

You thrash your head, and see the werewolf in front of you. He's recovered from his laughter, though the odd tremor still passes through him, and he's watching you with interest. Desperation seizes you and you yell at him. "Help me!"

This seems incredibly funny for some reason. He rolls on the floor laughing, as your world is compressed another centimetre or so. "Why should I help you?" he asks, tears running down his cheeks. "You were just about to gore me." His laughter subsides, and he smiles wickedly at you. "Besides, this way I get to dine without killing you. And the bigger you are, the more I eat. Nice, lean steak! So struggle away."

You gape at him, standing stock still, and then terror breaks down your resolve as your lungs feel the squeeze, and your ribs creak. "Please." You gasp, trying to breathe shallowly. Automatically, you buck again, and feel yourself wedge solid, hooves slightly above the ground. "I'm begging you." It comes out in a hoarse whisper, as your lungs are being pressed HARD. "It hurts."

The wolf's smile fades slowly, and it looks at you. Could there be pity in those killer's eyes? He looks away for a few seconds, as if debating with himself, then you hear his mutter, "What the hell, I can kill him anyway if I have to." He turns back to you, and then growls "Ok, Toro. But I need a promise: if I get you out of this, you do not take it into your head to charge again, ok?" Unable to do anything but gasp now, you nod your head on its massively muscled neck. The wolf comes closer "On your lifeblood?" he asks quietly. Yes! Yes! Just help! your mind screams, and you nod and roll your eyes in pain. You can feel the pressure in your veins, on the lifeblood you just promised on.

He glances at the passage again, then says "Push on the left wall. It joins onto a large hall, and it's weaker than the others." That's it? You tense your muscles for one final push, knowing that the next time they grow you are hamburger. Swivelling your legs until they are roughly braced on the right-hand wall, you bunch your muscles and HEAVE ...

Written by Lupine (edited by wanderer)

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