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"Works well under pressure"

The pain is excruciating. Just as your hope fades, though, you hear the distinctive crunch of cracking stone. Quite suddenly, the RIGHT wall collapses! You pop out of the passageway and into the adjoining room, sliding painfully over piles of rocky rubble.

"I meant MY left," the werewolf grins as he picks his way through the newly created opening. "You all right?"

You hurt all over, and your back aches horribly, but it feels wonderful to be free of the hallway's stony embrace. Stiffly and heavily, you rise to your feet. "I'm good," you croak. "Thanks."

While you try to clear your head, the wolf strolls around you, closely examining your magnificent physique. He whistles appreciatively. "Man! You look like a bull rider's worst nightmare. I'm guessing nine feet at the shoulder and five, maybe six, tons."

You're not sure if it's a sincere compliment or if he's simply appraising the quality of your rib roast. Still, you resist the urge to gore him.

Written by Funny Animal

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