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Heave, Ho!

Despite the restraining ring in your nose, you try to scramble backwards, but your expanding bulk traps you tightly in place. There's no choice now; either break free or be crushed to death!

Calmly but quickly, you plant your massive hooves firmly in the castle floor. You take a deep breath, grit your teeth ... and PUSH your broad back against the ceiling with every ounce of your colossal strength.

The muscles in your neck and shoulders bulge alarmingly, and you begin to gasp for breath. The ceiling and walls, however, remain stubbornly in place. The werewolf, meanwhile, is literally howling with laughter at your seemingly futile efforts.

Now beads of sweat are dripping down your forehead. Veins are standing out all over your bovine body, and you begin to tremble. Still the walls refuse to budge.

You can't go on much longer. Which will give out first: the ancient stone passageway or your rock-hard bones and muscles?

Written by Funny Animal

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