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You start to feel heavier by now and think a little that now's as good a time as any ... you're even bigger than the werewolf now! You "moo" a fierce battle cry and stamp your foot. The were-wolf turns, stunned, and then looks "slightly" worried about you. You start to run towards him with a fire in your eye and he brings his arms up over his face and braces himself ... then nothing. He opens his eyes and looks at you and collapses to the floor in laughter. You get even angrier at him and charge faster, but then you notice, you aren't moving an inch. That's when you notice the sharp pain around your body. You look around at yourself ... you've gotten WAY too big. Your bulk is literally squeezed between two rocks, and both are hard places.

"Hey! What's going on! That's not what's supposed to happen!" You yell at him. You wince as you can still feel your muscles growing, which is REALLY starting to hurt. The werewolf is still laughing too hard to notice anything but your giant form. What can you do?

Written by Rakeesh (edited by wanderer)

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