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A Whole Lot of Bull

The layer of blubber encasing your body makes the mere act of walking a strenuous exercise. Within seconds, you are sweating profusely.

As the minutes pass, however, you are surprised to find that you are beginning to feel ... lighter. A minute or two later you feel downright trim!

As you and the werewolf pass a large mirror, you catch sight of yourself ... and nearly miss a step. Your fat has completely melted away ... and your muscles are getting bigger! You have no idea what's causing you to change again, but at the moment you don't care.

Several minutes later, you and the wolf pass another mirror. By this time you have grown into a brawny behemoth of a bull. Massive muscles ripple and bulge with every step you take, and your broad square shoulders nearly fill the narrow passage.

Meanwhile, the wolf (no doubt dreaming of his fine meal) remains blissfully unaware of your latest transformation. If only you could get that stupid ring out of your nose, you'd teach him a thing or two ...

Written by Funny Animal (edited by wanderer)

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