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Thank goodness for bull beef!

You twist your massive head to one side, then the other, but you just can't twist far enough to get a good look at yourself. In desparation, you lower your head and peek between your four pillar-like legs. Is that an udder you see hanging between your rear legs? No! It's definitely a set of male equipment. A pretty impressive set, in fact.

As you raise your head, an awesome sensation of size, strength and virility washes over you. Maybe being a bull won't be so bad, you think.

You turn back to the witch, who has been cackling wildly during your entire transformation. Boiling anger burns inside you, swiftly building to a murderous rage. "Just one quick charge," you think. "Just one quick charge and I'll crush her to a bloody pulp!"

A vicious snort escapes from your nostrils. You aim your horns at the still-cackling witch and begin pawing the floor with your steel-hard hooves.

Written by Funny Animal

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