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Fat Head!

Just as your back legs tense, ready to charge, the witch stops lauphing and looks directly at you with a grin. You charge, rushing as fast as you can. You jump the last few feet at her, jumping about 5 feet in the air(pretty amazing considering you're a bull, must be your human side ... if you still have one). But, just as you're about to strike her, your body stops moving toward her. You're actually rising into the air, and away from her, your body glowing a bright blue. You moo angrily at her as you try to squirm out of her magic, kicking your four legs, shaking your head and wiggling around.

"You thick-headed bull ..." The witch mutters ... then smiles evilly at you.

You fall to the ground as she releases you from her power and as you get back to your legs you're just about to try to charge her again. But suddenly you feel a tingling all over. You look back at yourself, nothing is happening but the tingling is getting intense. Suddnely you start to feel heavier all over. Your stomach is starting to bulge out, your legs getting much wider, and you're starting to have trouble looking back. You look at the witch and moo loudly at her, your body getting larger, fatter all over. You moo out at her again, finding that it took a little more work to get your jaw open, your cheeks much fatter. You take a step towards her, your big sagging belly swaying back and forth, sending you off balance and throwing you face first onto the ground.

"Now you've got more then enough body to match your fat head!" The witch cackles as you stand, your belly reaching to the ground and bulging hugely out from your sides, surmounted by your fat face and fat legs. You can just picture yourself now, a fine meal for that werewolf...thank god he's not around.

Written by Rakeesh (edited by wanderer)

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