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Let's hope they weren't joking about "all-beef patties"

... a Quarter Pounder with Cheese! (Who'd have guessed that a remote village in Eastern Europe would have a McDonald's?)

The memory has barely registered when your torso expands dramatically, ripping your shirt and pants to shreds. Bristly brown-and-white fur spreads over your body like a mist. You stare, fascinated, as your fingers fuse into cloven hooves. "Bovine," you think. "Definitely bovine."

As your weight shifts, you fall forward onto your front legs. Your neck thickens, and your face stretches into a boxy snout. You feel, rather than see, your lower spine stretching into a tail and a pair of horns erupting from your head.

As your reshaped body continues to grow, a horrifying thought crosses your mind. What if that hamburger came from a cow? Changing species is bad enough, but you're not sure you can deal with a change of gender as well.

Written by Funny Animal

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