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The price of success

The kitsune looks amazed for a bit, then terrified. You look to see if the werewolf is still dead ... and, thankfully, he is. But then why is she ... Suddenly, you see 5 or 6 more werewolves coming out of the shadows. Each is growling and doesn't appear to be too happy with you. The kitsune yells something you can't catch, then grabs your arm, yanking you into a fast retreat just as the pack begins to chase you. You can hear them growling behind you as you run, drawing closer and closer ... until suddenly the kitsune takes a sharp turn into the darkness. Soon, you see the pack rush by your hiding spot. Whew! You turn to thank your foxish rescuer, but she speaks first: "Here, drink this" she says, offering you a vial.

Water, you think. But as it drains down your throat, it leaves a strange taste and a tingling feeling in its wake. "What did i just drink?", you sputter, coughing as the strange sensation makes you gag.

"A potion", she answers. "You're going to need a more powerful form if you hope to make it out of here."

"What do you mean, 'a more powerful form'?", you say ... with a higher voice!? "Why do i sound like that? Whats happening to me?"

"I ... I don't know", she stammers nervously. "I thought I gave you a tiger potion ... it's just so dark in here, I couldn't read the label."

"Oh, no." From the tingling in your chest and the length of your hair, you think you know what the potion you just drank is doing. You can feel your hips and buttocks inflate.

"Whats happening to you?", she begs. You breathe heavily as the transformation continues. It seems as though you can actually feel your face rearranging. Your lips swell, your nose becoming small and pert. You cup your hands to your chest, unable to stop your inflating breasts as they keep pushing out into your hands. Your entire frame shifts, becoming a living wave of burning pleasure. You feel your privates get sucked in to become your ... womanhood, is that the word? After a few more seconds, it seems you're done.

"Ummm, I don't think I am any better off" you say in a airy feminine voice.


What will you do now?

Written by YoungBlood (edited by wanderer)

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