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Second time's the charm?

You ask the kitsune for another potion, one that will help the situation a bit more. You've already grown to love your new body, though. Such wonderful feminine curves. Impatiently, you grab the tiger potion from the kitsune's belt.

"Here's to a tail and a pink nose", you mutter, getting ready to pour down another potion. Suddenly, a bat flys from the darkness and knocks the vial from your hand. Shattering on the hard stone, the broken container splashes the liquid everywhere ... on your face, hands, feet, hair, you even sit in some ... but none remains in the broken glassware for you to drink. Oh, well.

The kitsune takes your arm again, guiding you to a brighter area with a mirror hanging on the wall above some dusty furnishings. Your nose tingles, and you sneeze three times in succession. "Excuse me", you mutter, reaching to wipe your nose. But as soon as your hand finds it...

"Hmm, thats weird." Your nose feels moist and rough. Casually, you walk over to the mirror ... and gasp at what you see. The tip and bottom of your cute little nose is seperate from the rest. It looks like a pink triangle ... like a cat's nose! Just below that, whiskers are begining to grow! Looks like the potion worked after all. You begin to purr as a tail falls from your shorts ... right where you sat in the potion. It must still be working, even though it wasn't swallowed. As the kitsune beckons you to another door, you take one last look at your changing face and follow. "Whach weigh nah?", you ask her, your words distorted by a growing muzzle. You feel more changes as the two of consider the passages before you ...

Written by YoungBlood (edited by wanderer)

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