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You might want to think about re-labeling some of them

"Give me the tiger potion, then!" you scream.

"I will", she calls back, "but the five other potions might not be tiger potions either! Let's get into some light so we can see."

You and the kitsune continue to run away, the werewolves hot on your trail, when finally you break into daylight. As you run, the kitsune pulls out a bag and begins nosing through it.

"No!" she screams. You feel like screaming too, because these high heels are killing your feet. You kick them off and continue running.

"All of these potions are labeled 'tiger potion', but not one of them is the right color! I remember the tiger potion being dark red... not yellow, clear, green, blue or pink!"

You figure anything would be better than your current body, so you ask for the...

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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