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A more percice set of words.

You finish transforming while the little leprachun is laughing his head off. Your figure he's one of those guys that takes things to litteral. You have to be carful with your wording. "All right, I still have two wishes. I wish I was a very muscular man. The most muscular man in my state." The little leprechun gets up from the floor wiping a tear from his eye. "okay laddie, ya wish be granted."

You start getting a strange feeling all through out your boddy, like it tening up. Your arms have started becoming thicker, your pecs are puffing up. your abs have become visible, and are rock hard. your legs afe no longer jiggily, they are firm, and lean. You face is becoing squarer, your sholders are broading. Your butt becomes toned and muscular. Your back has broadened quite a bit, your shirt is stretched to its limit, when it starts tearing. Your jeans are also stretched really far, but they don't rip Your muscles are now open the the air. You flex your huge muscles feeling a sense of power. "oh yeah! This is what I'm talking about!"

Written by Writerboy37

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