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Why Do Leprechauns Have to Be So Literal?

Ever since you were a kid, you have been bullied by guys who were bigger and tougher than you. You've always wished that you could get back at those jerks. Well, here's your chance.

"Make me strong," you command the leprechaun. "As strong as on ox!"

"Ah, so 'tis muscles ye be wanting," the little man smiles. "'Tis a simple enough thing," and he snaps his fingers.

Almost immediately, your chest, neck and shoulders swell dramatically, splitting your shirt along the seams. A sensation of raw power rips through your body.

"Oh, yeah!" you exult as you watch your body bulking up. "This is...huh?!"

Something's going wrong. Short white fur is spreading over you, and your fingers are fusing into cloven hooves.

"What's happening?!" you scream as a pair of horns erupts from your head and your tail bone stretches into an actual tail.

"Well, if ye wish to be as strong as an ox," the leprechaun answers, "then ye have to become a real ox, don't ye?"

Written by Funny Animal

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