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Wise Choice

"Okay leprechaun. I'm done wishing for right now.Just don't pull any more nasty tricks on me." You tell the creature sternly. "Remember, I'm the one who saved you.You should be a little bit greatful." The leprechaun frowned. "If ye make a weesh now I'll be on me way back to the end of the rainbow already." "You owe me one for turning me into an ox anyway." you point out. "Okee." The leprechaun sighed. "But doon't be expect'n me to be on me best behavior eef I'm goin'ta stick around,laddie." "Whatever." you say,flexing your muscles your so proud of.You're sure they'll come in handy sometime. And for the first time since you came in from the rain you take in the sight of the castle. You are in a wide hall about 2/3s the size of a football field. The walls are made of bumpy black bricks with rounded corners.The floor is made up of flat, cracked rectangular bricks. That's strange, There is one brick that is protruding farther out from the wall then the rest of the bricks.

Ahead of you, smack dab in the center of the room, there is a long dinner table with a clean white table cloth spanning the length of it. Food,surprisingly fresh, is laid out across the whole table including a huge juicy turkey right in the middle. 5 long white candles on candle sticks are spaced evenly from one end of the table to another. The table is set for 16 complete with forks,knives,spoons,smaller forks and shiny silver goblets to drink from. The aroma of the food beccons to you. Beyond the table is a spiral staircase that goes up, and up, and never seems to stop. "Where to Leperchaun?" you say hesitantly.

Written by Junshu

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