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you looked like you wanted more change

"I kinda thought you looked like you wanted to be full cow. In that case that will be your second wish." As she finishes her sentence you feel fur sprout all the way up your to your neck and slows. Weight forces you to all fours, as soon as your hands hit the ground they fuse into hooves. You feel as horns force their way out of your skull. then your face gets covered with fur and your mouth and nose fuse into a muzzle. You look at the genie in pure delight. "Your transformation is now complete>" She says. You tell the genie tellapathicaly and tell her to come when you contact her with your mind. You wander until you find an abandened barn and live there for about 2 days until one day you see a farmer walk in. He looks up at you and smiles hornily. You stand still and let him walk behind you and and you turn your head and see him getting naked. As soon as the farmer is done undressing he stands right behind you and looks for something for about thirty-seconds. As soon as he finds what he wants to find he jumps on top of you and starts to enter you, you moo in delight and he just keeps on thrusting while you just moo in delight. He makes love to you for about 12 hours until he gets off of you. You look at him lustfully and he is about to put on his underwear until you start to suck and you hear him cry out in pure delight. It lasts for about 5 minutes until he walks away from you and gets dressed and leaves you in the barn. You contact the genie and asks if she could milk your udder which is the size of a beach ball. She agrees and starts milking which is the most pleasurable thing you've ever felt in your life.

When she is done she says "Well it looks like that has been three wishes..." you argue and say that you never said "I wish" and she saus true and agrees will grant you one more wish. You wish to be human again. And you transform back into a human, but you are a human female with an udder the size of a baseball. When your transformation is complete the genie disappears, leaving you as a naked, sexy, uddered woman in an abandoned barn. You stay in the barn for about 5 days eating hay which actually tastes really good, until you remember the farmer. That night while you trying to get to sleep you turn to your left and you see a hole in the barn about the size of a beachball. As soon as you see the hole you hear the farmer at the door. What do you do, leave, or try to get your way with the farmer. Or is the farmer a raper? If you stay you will find out.

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