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You decide not to risk it are sneek out throuh the hole.

you run and run and run until you get to another farm.

you look arround now one is hear..the farmer must be in town for the day. you go inside a neer by barn and find yourself in the company of about 20 dairy cows.

you can help but feel like your amungst plesent company...i mean after all you do have an udder now.

you look arround yor some water o somehting because you are extreemly hot and thirsty after running that far.

you look arround until you find a huge container of fresh milk. you drink and you drink the milk is nice and cool....

after drinking till you feel full and cool. you sit down and lean up against the milk container. only than do you realize that all the cows have abnormally large udders. each one was the size of a large beach ball. the were so big the udders were resing on the ground.

youve never seen such fat milkfilled udders...yours is only the size of a small baseball.

you see a labe on the ground that had fallen off something. it reads "New dairy cow formula"...so thats why all the cows are so big...their trying out a new drug on them.

you look arround to see where the labe fell from...and see it was from the container you leaning up against.

The same one you drank from!

It suddenly dawns on you that wasnt milk it was the formula!

you suddenly feel a wierd tugging feeling in your croch and look down to see your baseball sized udder filling with milk!

you look arround panaking...you see the cows udders also growing...the already huge udder getting bigger and bigger...now lifting their hind legs into the air.

you look back at your own udder...it is now thw size of a basketball and still growing rapidly. you stand up, you udder sloshing back and forth.......you decide to try and milk youself.

you grab 2 of your 4 inch long tites on your udder and begin to milk yourself........it is extreemly pleasurable....you moan outload.

you milk and milk yourself...but your udder is not decreaceing in size...in fact its actually getting bigger....it is growing faster than you can milk it!!!!

soon it is the size of a large beachball, and you are unable to rach your tites......you try to walk but your udder is now dragging on the ground and it waighs as much as you do...you try to cup it but its sloshes out of your arms like a overfilled watter balloon.

you fall to the ground......and lie on your back as your udder continues to grow.....you push on it with your hads to try and squeese out the milk...but none comes out.

suddenly you remember your a woman now...and dont you have breasts that produce milk?

you look down at your chest, and sure enough you B cup boobs are now a D Cup and growing!!!!

Written by kel

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