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It's a cow's life for me.

The first thing you feel is a strange tugging on your abdomen, right above your crotch. The tugging grows, expanding into your genitals and causing you to moan in pleasure.

The pleasure turns to pain quickly as it seems like your crotch is about to explode. And it kinda does - leaving you with a pulsating, huge pink udder, swinging between your legs. Hey, you think, that feels weird - weird, but good. You grab the udder and feel that it's filled with milk, so you milk yourself, squeezing the teats which causes a delightful sensation everytime milk squirts out.

Short white fur with black patches erupts over your legs. Still milking, you almost topple over as your feet begin to fuse into cow's hooves. The udder seems to grow larger, somehow, the more you milk, untill you have to squat to accomodate its generous size. Sitting down, you feel a thin tail erupt from the base of your spine and thrash around. Two small horns push themselves out of your forehead.

You expect more, but genie says you're done. Even with just an udder and cow's legs, your wish has definitely been granted.

Written by Finny Fiona

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