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The bathroom is small, has a white ceramic tile floor, blue wallpaper, a shower stall, sink, and toilet. You click-clack inside, and nobody is there. There is an eerie drip-drip coming from the shower stall.

You look in the mirror and let out a yelp of surprise. You're not used to your new form yet. Your breasts just out of the blouse like two peaks of a mountain, and your skirt is shorter than you thought before. After a moment, you realize you are checking yourself out. You look at your nylon-encased legs with fascination.

You are so distracted, you don't even notice what is happening around you. You hear a sudden noise, like a metallic slither, and turn just in time to see the shower head fly out of the stall. It wraps its hose around you, and tries to pull you inside. You resist, screaming with your new, high, girlish voice, but it still pulls you inside. The glass door slams shut, and the shower head orbits around your body a few more times. It how has your legs, waist, and hands bound. It slithers over you, and then floats in front of your face for a moment. You shut your eyes, and just in time, as a stream of water hits your face. You struggle against your bindings, but cannot break free. You try to kick at the glass door, but the shower head just pulls your heels off. It continues to slither around you, and soak you, and soon you notice the stall is filling with water!

It fills so fast, you hardly have time to realize what is happening! Soon, the stall is filled up to your neck, and at that point, the shower head slithers away, and returns to its normal perch. The water level stops, and you find yourself floating inside the stall. Outside, you can see the rest of the bathroom. The water pressure prevents you from opening the door, so you just swim there a moment, considering your options.

Of course! The drain plug! You take a deep breath, and sink down to the bottom, groping and searching for the plug. Finally you find the little rubber stopper, and yank it out. You can feel the water being sucked down. You go back up, and breathe again. You wait patiently for the water to drain out enough for you to open the door.

At last! The door swings open, and you step out. Your clothes are soaked, and you are freezing! In paranoia, you close the shower stall again and try to find a towel.

A bathrobe hangs nearby, and since your clothes are soaked, cold, and ruined, you decide it's the more preferable choice. As you step out of the bathroom you see a bedroom to the left and a bedroom at the end of the hall.

Written by Anon

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