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Little Girl's room

Here is a room deisgned for a little girl. Pink wallpaper, pink carpet, and dolls and teddy bears strewn about the room. You are about to leave when you spot a phone on the bed. Should you try? I mean, the last one knocked you out and left you at the mercy of some kind of demonic shower device, what would this one do? Before you can decide, you feel something bump into you from behind. You jump and turn around, and your jaw drops. Floating in mid-air is a frilly, pink dress with white tights and little mary-jane shoes. Some force pulls your robe off, and the clothes attack!

Despite your struggles, the tights slither onto your feet and up to your waist. A petticoat follows, and soon the dress and the shoes also slip onto you, as if your struggling did nothing more than make them more determined. Soon, you are swatting at nothing, and looking down at the girliest outfit you have ever seen. If you hadn't become a female, this would probably make you vomit. You find you are even wearing ruffled panties! Moving feels awkward with all the frills, but you soon find you have no choice. Your body is moving for you! You cannot control what is happening! Your body walks over to the nearest mirror, and begins applying makeup to your face. You do your hair up in pig tails and put on frosted pink lipstick. When you step back, you are stunned! You look like the perfect lolita, even all dolled up and holding your hands daintily at your sides.

Written by Anon

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