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White Noise

You pick up the reciever, but there is no dial tone. You think you do hear something, though. It sounds like someone may have left the phone off the hook. You faintly hear something, but you can't tell exactly what it is. As you try to listen, you feel a little sluggish. Drowsy, almost. Maybe the adrenaline has worn off and you're crashing.

You realize you cannot put the reciever down. After a moment, you feel yourself move but you didn't will it. The reciever drops, and so do you, landing on the cold tile floor. You feel everything, and are fully aware, but your body will not move. You can tell one of your heels has fallen off, and you can feel the cold ceramic floor through your pantyhose. Your nipples are poking at the fabric of your bra from the chill.

Finally, you wake up.

You start to move, grateful that you can, but as you lift your head, it bangs against something. You focus on a white porcelain object and as soon as your vision focuses, you realize you are in the bathroom. How did you get here? What do you do now?

Written by Anon

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