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Let's get you out of those wet clothes

You find a towel, and a robe. Drying off your clothes is futile at this point. Your clothes are ruined. Your heels are even still in the stall... with that THING in there... To keep from shivering, you begin taking off your clothes. The pantyhose are a little difficult, but the blouse and skirt fall right off because of the weight of the water. You look at yourself in bra and a pair of black silk panties, and are once again both fascinated and frightened. You remove your undergarments and put the robe on.

Okay, now what? Before anything else, you'll need something besides a strangers bathrobe... If you can find the people who live here, assuming anyone does, maybe you can get them to help you. And maybe explain the serpentine shower head.

Leaving the bathroom, you have two options. The first bedroom on the left, and the one at the end of the hall.

Written by Anon

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