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The room at the end of the hall

This room is pink, and filled with stuffed animals and little girl dolls and toys. There's almost certainly nothing to wear in here. On the bed there's what looks like a cordless phone. What the heck, you think, it's worth a try.

Once you step into the room, the door slams behind you. 'Oh no,' you think to yourself. 'Not again.' You look around and nothing seems to be popping out at you. You turn back and try to open the door, but you realize it's pretty futile. Whatever is about to happen to you in here is beyond your control.

You suddenly feel something fuzzy nearby. You look down and there's a teddy bear in a tutu next to your foor. You let out a sigh of relief, thinking you're just getting jumpy, but then you feel another fuzzy thing grab your other foot. All of a sudden, the room is alive as the stuffed animals, rag dolls, and Barbie's all start flying at you, and grabbing onto you. As you struggle, they trip you onto the floor, and soon you feel like you're in a twisted version of Gulliver's travels. Hundreds of tiny toys keep you pinned to the floor. A rag doll jumps onto your chest and looks at you with her black button eyes. She hops off again, and there is a sound like a collective giggle. The mass of fluffiness starts pulling your robe off, and soon you lie naked and exposed. It does not last long, though, as the little creatures soon return and begin holding your legs firm. They begin sliding another pair of pantyhose on you, only this time they're pink. They continue to roll you around, dressing you, and one doll even leaps onto your face, brushing against you. They soon have pulled something like a bathing suit over you, only softer, and also pink. Something stiff is now on your back, and as soon as all the toys fly off, you find yourself looking into a full-length mirror. You're dressed like a pink ballerina, with pink slippers, tights, a tutu, ruffled sleeves, and even a tiara. Your hair is done up in a bun, and your face has even been made up. On your back are a pair of fairy wings.

As you stare in shock, you suddenly notice that you're not as tall as you were before. Your legs are a bit shorter. Your breasts seem a bit smaller, and your face... a few short seconds pass, and you find yourself looking at an 8 year old girl in a fairy costume.

Written by Anon

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