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o crap...

you enter the room behind you and you see a pink roomm with a crib in it. the door slams behind you. you then look in a nearby mirror and notice your shrinking. your clothes begin sliding off and the only things that still fit are your under shirt and panties. you then lose all your hair. you are magically lifted into the crib and you cry for help. all that comes out is crying. your panties then become a diaper with sesame street on it. you undershirt becomes pink with the motto "IM A GIRL" on it. then your mom comes in and speaks. "ive always wanted a little girl" your dad then enters. he says "your mother set all this up so it could be life all over again. they then take a potion which makes them both age 26. you try to yell but all you do is cry and wet yourself. you can hardly move due to lack of motor skills.

your mother then takes you and dresses you up in a pretty pink dress and takes you down stairs. then everyone you know is the and on the ceiling is a banner hanging down saying "ITS A GIRL" all you can do is cry! your parents put you down for a second. now what...

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