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Sexist man gets what's coming to him

Using her unusual invention, Anna tracks the 6'5" man as he crosses the street and enters the office building. "I was about to transform him out here, but I decided to let him walk into the office first," she explains to you. "This will cause maximum humiliation!"

You watch on the monitor screen of Anna's device as the man takes an elevator up to the third floor. He enters his suite and slows his pace as a pretty young office temp wearing a short skirt walks past him. As he tells the office temp how he could just suck on her sexy legs, Anna fires a transformational energy beam at him. The beam penetrates the walls of the building and hits the sexist man. Anna's shot is right on the mark.

On the monitor, you watch as the shocked young office temp and other workers gaze with shock at what is happening to their offensive co-worker. The sexist man's skin becomes soft and smooth. The hair on his legs disappears. His hair becomes long, blonde, and curly. His hips form into the curvaceous proportions of a swimsuit model. His penis shudders, then is sucked up inside his body as his crotch takes on the appearance of a pussy. Even his clothes transform as he suddenly finds himself wearing sheer white pantyhose; a business suit complete with a pink knee-length skirt, a white blouse with ruffles on the front, and a pink jacket; and a pair of pink pumps. Makeup automatically appears on the "new woman's" face as her lips take on a blood red color, some blush is applied to her cheeks, and eye shadow and mascara help accentuate the beautiful shade of blue her eyes have become. She has shrunken from 6'5" to about 5'6".

Anna shuts the beam off and continues to watch the monitor with amusement. The sexist man, now a sexist woman, looks around at her co-workers, searching for an explanation as to what just happened.

The office temp walks up to the sexist woman giggling. "Looks like YOU'RE the one with legs good enough to suck on now," she sneers.

"What? What's . . . happening . . . to . . . me?" the sexist woman cries, suddenly realizing her voice has lost its deep male tone and become tinkly and pretty.

"Hmm . . . not sure about that voice," Anna muses. "Maybe a little adjustment . . . ."

Another energy beam fires, and suddenly the sexist woman's voice becomes breathier, sexier. "Oh, no," she says in a Marilyn Monroe-like voice.

"Serves you right, 'babe,'" one of the other female workers chastises. "Now you can stop admiring my boobs and go play with your own." Other workers, both female and male, laugh at the remark.

"Stop it!" the sexist woman shouts.

Across the street, Anna is rolling on the ground shaking with laughter. You remain stationary, forced to continue watching this bizarre scene.

Written by an anonymous author

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